Frequently Asked Questions - Rodríguez & Rose
Unique bespoke shoes made by hand combining artisan heritage and Latin passion.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Rodríguez & Rose bespoke handmade shoes available?

Rodríguez & Rose bespoke shoes are handmade and only available at our studio in Carlton. All shoes are custom made to order.

How long does it take to make a pair of bespoke handmade shoes?

An average of 4 weeks is needed for a basic style. Depending on the complexity of the design and materials used, this could take longer. We would discuss this in detail during our initial consultation.

What are bespoke shoes?

Bespoke shoes are custom designed to your individual needs to create a comfortable and unique design just for you.

What type of materials are used to make your shoes?

Only quality materials are used at Rodríguez & Rose. Our leather is carefully selected by hand to match the needs of your design. As leather is a natural material, the colour and texture of the leather may vary.

What is a last?

A last has a form like a human foot. It is usually moulded from wood or resin and is used to make the shoe.

Can you copy a style of shoe?

At Rodríguez & Rose we pride ourselves in our individuality. You are welcome to bring a concept or idea and we will design your shoes together to create something unique; our signature style.

Do you only make shoes with leather soles?

Our custom made shoes are typically made with leather soles however we can cater for different requirements, such as rubber wedges.

Do you offer a range of boots?

We design and craft lace-up boots exclusively, with men’s, women’s and unisex styles available.

Can you make women’s high heel shoes?

We make a limited range of women’s flat shoes but sorry, no high heels.

Are half sizes available?

We only have half sizes available for our women’s designs.

Do you make orthopaedic shoes?

No, sorry we don’t.

Do you make shoes that require orthotics to be fitted?

In some circumstances, and depending on the orthotic requirements, we may be able to accommodate orthotics. During an initial consultation we would discuss your individual needs.

Does Rodríguez & Rose have gift vouchers?

Yes, we have gift vouchers available upon request.

How do I make a payment* for a pair of handmade bespoke shoes?

Each pair of shoes is individually designed for you. The final cost is dependent on the style, complexity and materials selected at the first consultation. All elements are discussed and agreed before proceeding. A 30% deposit* is paid for work to commence. Final payment is made upon collection of your pair of Rodriguez & Rose bespoke handmade shoes.

Do you make handbags?

Rodríguez & Rose make a range of custom made tote bags in a variety of colours suitable for both men and women.

Do you offer shoe repairs?

Yes, we offer shoe repairs for men’s and women’s shoes, boots and sandals. This includes sole replacement – leather or rubber, adding anti-slip protective soles and repairing and replacing heels.

Do you replace soles on shoes?

At Rodríguez & Rose we replace leather soles using quality materials.

Do you polish shoes?

We offer a shoe polishing service for leather shoes. The shoes are first cleaned thoroughly and matching renovating polish is applied to nourish the leather.

Do you provide sole protection?

Sole protection is a rubber layer attached over the front half of the leather sole designed to protect the leather, make it anti-slip and make the sole last longer.

Does Rodríguez & Rose offer leather bag repairs

We do minor bag repairs including stitching and strap replacement.