Our Story - Rodríguez & Rose
Unique bespoke shoes made by hand combining artisan heritage and Latin passion.
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Our Story

The Story of Rodríguez & Rose

José Rodríguez was born in El Salvador, a small Latin American country where art, music, dance and the Spanish language play an important role in enriching the creative spirit. His heritage includes a long line of artisans from designers to dressmakers, woodcraft makers, actors, artists, dancers and writers. Inspired by his culture and passion for life, he was motivated to create beautiful handcrafted shoes.

In 2014, José had the opportunity to realise his dream. Over a glass of wine with friends, the idea to create Rodríguez & Rose bespoke handmade shoes was born.

Unique bespoke shoes bring back the lost art of making things by hand combining old skills with new. It moves away from mass produced products that are taken offshore and brings back skills long forgotten and favoured by many people now. jose_rodriguez_sig



At Rodríguez & Rose, we pride ourselves in the art of shoemaking, crafting individuality for our customers, with no pair ever the same.